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:: Heinz Stücke :: THE reference in biking worldtraveller, already 50 years on the road, still going!


:: Daisuke :: Japanese cyclist, 11 years on the road. His bike has been put in a national museum, currently writing books and experimenting "bike sailing"


:: Biciclown :: Alvaro! Pedalling around the world to give smiles


:: Salva :: He set off his journey from Spain to Africa, Asia, crossing Siberia in winter, jumped to the Americas... we were lucky to cross his way already 5 times, good hope for a 6th!


:: Lontxo :: A Basque bike worldtraveler from Vitoria who has been on the road for more than 14 years. He has crossed Africa, Europa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. He is still pedaling around the world with the same motivation as the first day!


:: Betzgi :: Swiss German biker with a very helpful website, full of info about roads and mountains. He has travelled in Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Morocco. With a special interest of high passes collection!


:: Globoride :: Ivo and Brigitte, Swiss German couple with very interesting tracks along Asia, Madagascar, South America and recently the Wakhan Corridor


:: Un tour en velo :: Lidye and Eric, Swiss-French couple connecting the continents by ferries. We met them in Cordillera Blanca, Perú, cycling together the Cañón del Pato before it gets finally asphalted!


:: Mundubicyclette :: Alice and Andoni with Maia and Unai living a great family adventure on the road


:: Gambada :: Nando cycling around the world with a very personal and poetic blog!


:: Jane Corax :: Hardcore cyclist with a passion for high mountains


:: World Biking.info :: Amaya & Eric: excellent inforrmation given, country by country


:: Globecyclette :: solo female biker, 3 years on the road. Now that she came back home she is creating piece of theatre, ateliers about her journey. Co's first inspiration :-)







:: Take on Africa :: Helen Lloyd, british solo female biker through Africa


:: The Big Africa Cycle :: Peter, cycling from England to South Africa in support of The Against Malaria Foundation









:: The Amazing Masai Ultra :: Marathon & Ultra in Kenya. The first edition was held in June 2011. Organised by Molly - Joseba's friend - all race proceeds support scholarships for Maasai girls.







:: Andes by Bike ::  Harriet & Neil, a couple from England. They biked the Andes in all the possible directions - off the beaten tracks. Excellent informations and road book for remote places!


:: Bicibirloque :: Jorge is an excellent photographer and always original in his way of finding a place to sleep. Riding down the Americas from Alaska, we had an amazing time biking together in Bolivia!


:: Cass :: A photo-story blog focused on remote dirt roads. Traveling light and shooting amazing pictures along the way!


:: Panamericana.ch :: Pius and Stefan riding on recumbent bicycles the length of the whole Americas. Good info with altitude graphs!


:: PanAm Riders ::  A group for people cycling from Alaska to Argentina. Excellent forum and up-to-date info!







:: Alexis & Cyril Mercat :: 2 amazing brothers monocyclists part of world cyclist traveller family - THE MERCAT - who welcomed us on our way back home in Le Brouget au Lac - France. Great tricks and unbeatable on the slackline, just impressive! Have a look HERE!


:: Monocyclette ::  Anne Sophie, French girl living in Canada met in Patagonia monocycling up to Santiago de Chile facing strong wind.






:: Perfil de Ruta :: perfect to get an idea of the next climbs! Excellent program and very easy to use!


:: Windguru :: weather forcast website specially excellent to predict crazy winds in Patagonia!


:: Embassy Finder :: Helpful website to locate any embassy


:: X-rate :: currency calculator



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