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  • Balkans: The Land of Honey and Blood

    18 octobre 2014 ( #EUROPE )

    The Balkans is a region in Eastern Europe that has been long time in our heads. We always wanted to cycle in these countries we heard so many stories about... especially during the war in the 90´s: places like Vukovar, Mostar, Mitrovica, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik,...

  • El Camino (Bienne - Spain by bicycle)

    16 août 2016

    Great bicycle tour connecting our base in Switzerland with Joseba's hometown, Bilbao. Good weather and nice landscapes along the Via Podiensis in France. Culturally it is a very rich path full of monuments and villages to visit following one of the St...


    27 avril 2016

    Back from a world tour by bicycle (53 countries crossed and more than 65,000kms in 4 years and a half) Corinne and Joseba want to share their passion for travel (by bicycle or trekking) in the regions they have enjoyed the most: the mountains . VELOTREK'...

  • Published in Canadian Cycling Magazine

    26 janvier 2014 ( #PRESS RELEASE )

    Canadian Cycling Magazine (January 2014): "TOP 5 ASCENTS ON THE PLANET" photos taken by Joseba Perez, Paso Agua Negra (4'775m), Chile/Artentina - CCMv4i6_tearsheet_med_p 77.pdf - Paso Agua Negra (4'775m).pdf

  • Conférence: Université Populaire - Bienne, 25 février 2015

    08 février 2015

    Invités par l'Université Populaire - Région Bienne - Lyss, nous présentons notre Tour du monde à vélo (2009-2013) sous forme de conférence-diaporama à l'UP à Bienne le 25 février 2015 à 19h15, bienvenue à tous! Inscriptions auprès de l'Université Populaire:...

  • BRAZIL: A DIFFERENT SOUTH AMERICA / Final sur une autoroute

    29 avril 2013 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    Well, in our opinion Brazil is not a cycling destination, at least the part in the South we have biked. There is lots of traffic, aggressive drivers and a not very friendly attitude to people like us, homeless, nomads, moving from place to place. The...

  • Published in Brazil: "Uma dupla está percorrendo o mundo sobre duas rodas"

    14 avril 2013 ( #PRESS RELEASE )

    RPC TV Foz do Iguaçu - Brasil (April 2013) Video report about our world biking travel while visiting the Iguaçu falls - Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil Reportage TV au sujet de notre tour du monde a velo lors de notre visite des chutes d'Iguazu - Bresil Click on...

  • BRAZIL: Iguaçu Falls, the big water!

    09 avril 2013 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    Long time we were waiting for this moment! The Iguaçu Falls were in our agenda since the beginning of our trip in the Americas. A short ride from Encarnación to Ciudad del Este through the rural and hilly Paraguay which surprises us in a very good way...

  • URUGUAY: PAIS CHICO, CORAZON GRANDE / Petit pays au grand coeur

    19 mars 2013 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    We enter Uruguay with high expectations, very little is known about this tiny land. They produce cheese, soya , there is cattle everywhere, they have the poorest president in the world: "el viejo Mujica"... After 2 weeks cycling there we can say it has...

  • ARGENTINA: Tango & Cie, Buenos Aires

    06 mars 2013 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    We finally reach Buenos Aires coming straight from Tierra del Fuego. What a contrast! Within 50 hours we change the cold from Ushuaia for the sun in BA. The capital has lots to do and visit. For us it is one of hte most interesting cities in South America....

  • Published in SWITZERLAND - "La fin du monde, pas du voyage"

    19 février 2013 ( #PRESS RELEASE )

    JOURNAL DU JURA (fevrier 2013), par Rose-Mary Voiblet "LA FIN DU MONDE, PAS DU VOYAGE" Quatre ans et 59’500 km de chemins explorés plus tard, à coups de pédales, Corinne Maire est arrivée à Ushuaia «On ne décide pas grand-chose, notre chemin s’écrit au...

  • USHUAIA: WHAT NEXT? / Et maintenant?

    01 mars 2013 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    Once in Ushuaia, we look back to all our cycling in Latin America and it looks great: 18,000kms, 13 months and 14 countries. It has been a nice continent with amazing landscapes, especially along the Andes. Since we departed Houston In January 2012 we...

  • ARGENTINA: Tierra del Fuego – USHUAIA!

    08 février 2013 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    February 7th, our arrival date in Ushuaia and the end of our trip cycling south the Americas. We finally cross the Strait of Magellan from Punta Arenas to Porvenir and start our cycling through “Tierra del Fuego”, an island that belongs both to Chile...

  • ARGENTINA: Los Glaciares National Park

    01 février 2013 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina has offered us stunning views over glaciers, lakes and peaks. It could not have been better with sunshine and clear days to admire the sharp peaks of these mountains, trek in the valleys and even on the Perito...

  • Publicado en ESPAÑA - "Pedaleando entramos en el corazón de cada pueblo"

    29 janvier 2013 ( #PRESS RELEASE )

    EL CORREO (Enero 2013) Un joven bilbaíno decidió dejar su trabajo hace cuatro años y embarcarse en el proyecto de su vida: recorrer los cinco continentes en bicicleta Se cuentan por centenares, quizás miles, los que se embarcan en la aventura de dar la...

  • CHILE: Carretera Austral Sur

    25 janvier 2013 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    After resting in Coyhaique and letting another cold front pass by we biked the second part of the “carretera austral”. It could not have been a better time, we are lucky and it does not rain any single day of the 7 that takes us to reach Villa O´Higgins,...

  • ARGENTINA/CHILE: Parc National Los Alerces & Carretera Austral Norte

    06 janvier 2013 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    After spending a warm Christmas with Pato and Oscar on the lake shore of Lago Epuyen we continue our journey through Los Alerces National Park where we are lucky and enter it just 1 day before they start to charge the 50 Pesos entrance fee. We have beautiful...

  • ARGENTINA: MENDOZA TO EL BOLSON, ENTERING NORTHERN PATAGONIA /Mendoza a El Bolson, entree en Patagonie du Nord

    26 décembre 2012 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    We leave Mendoza and the heat to pedal through the “estepa” direction south. The area turns into a volcanic landscape where we can admire an arid land where the wind blows strongly and mostly facing us! With the crossing of Río Colorado on the way to...

  • CHILE/ ARGENTINA: Paso Agua Negra (4’775m)

    10 décembre 2012 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    22nd November! That is the day they would open Paso Agua Negra... . We are happy to have this news since the pass remains for more than half of the year closed due to the heavy snow fall. Till then we cycle and enjoy Chile. Life in Chile is easy and comfortable,...

  • ARGENTINA: around Aconcagua (6'962m)

    03 décembre 2012 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    We are in Mendoza, Argentina, enjoying this beautiful city and in great company: Lautaro and Javi from the Basque center "Denak bat" are hosting us. It has been great to spend days remembering good moments from the Basque country, eating good, playing...

  • ARGENTINA/CHILE: Paso San Francisco - 4'728m

    17 novembre 2012 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    Another Andes crossing…. if we were thinking that it could not be prettier, the Andes have surprised us once again! The crossing through Paso San Francisco has been fascinating, tough and very rewarding. The start in Argentina brought us on a gentle climb...

  • CHILE/ARGENTINA: Paso Sico - 4'458m

    28 octobre 2012 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    Once in San Pedro de Atacama we have 2 options to enter Argentina: the asphalted Paso Jama or the ‘camino de tierra’ of Paso Sico. After researching both routes we decide to give a try to Paso Sico since it is supposed to be wilder with nicer landscape...

  • BOLIVIA – SOUTH LIPEZ: LA RUTA DE LAS LAGUNAS / La route des lagunes

    21 octobre 2012 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    Ruta de las Lagunas, one of the best sceneries ever seen on our travel! Before starting this route we read lots of stories about its beauty and toughness. It is a remote part of southwest Bolivia where there is no possible life, a vast volcanic area with...

  • BOLIVIA: Riding on a white sea – Salar de Uyuni

    15 octobre 2012 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    Salar de Uyuni, what a nice spectacle to ride on the biggest salt plain in the world! Entering in Llica we head south east towards the Incahuasi island. On the way the only visible reference is the Isla del Pescado which first appears as a small dot to...

  • CHILE/BOLIVIA: Ruta de los baños termales y Salar de Coipasa

    06 octobre 2012 ( #SOUTH AMERICA )

    The last 10 days have brought us through one of the best sceneries we have ever seen on earth so far. Together with the great company of Jorge (bicibirloque) we started in La Paz our ride towards Tambo Quemado admiring on the way the Sajama volcano, highest...

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